Career Coaching

ACC equips communities with relevant skills and knowledge to assist in planning careers, obtain meaningful work and continuously develop their careers.

Career Information Library

ACC is continuously updating its career information library with details on learning institutions and the programms they offer, entry requirements, career opportunities and related information

Career Encyclopedia

The ACC encyclopaedia is an integral component the Center’s career information hub. This resource contains articles on various careers, covering all branches of knowledge about a specific career.

Career Counselling

ACC offers counselling services to Individuals, groups, parents, guardians and online visitors to the center. ACC career counselling is a process designed to help you know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make informed career, educational, and life decisions.

Soft Skills, Life Skills and Financial Literacy Training

ACC has developed modules for all levels of career training seekers, the center offers basic, intermediate, advanced, advanced pro and customisable packages to cater for diversity in its clientele.

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